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How it works

MEOW transforms world-class hospitality spaces into an international network of flexible workspaces available on demand. 

Focus at your desk, get comfortable in a video-call booth or seal a deal in the boardroom. Whatever you need for a productive day of work and a spark of energy.

We like to keep things simple

World-class hospitality

MEOW gives great companies the chance to decentralise their office, reward employees and do it all at a fraction of the cost. No rental contracts. No hassle.

Work together from anywhere at one of our many locations. Fully equipped conference rooms, video-call spaces, gyms and restaurants define what it means to be a MEOW hotel. Set up a a satellite office in an instant.

No strings attached

When we say no hassle, we mean it. MEOW for great companies is simple. Companies can buy promo codes to be redeemed at the app's checkout by employees. Use MEOW when and where you want.

A promo code can cover the whole or just a portion of the cost of a visit. Buy as many or as few as you like. It's that simple. See, no hassle.

We have it all


The benefits of using MEOW are obvious for an employee. But with a corporate account you get even more financial perks. Sign up with your company email and avail of discounted rates as well as multiple billing options. Go ahead and give yourself and your employees the boost of energy needed.